Homeschooling Support and Information

North Carolina Division of Non-Public EducationNC Division of Non-Public Education  The state of North Carolina answers many questions including: legal requirements, recommendations, and reminders for homeschooling.  It also tells you where to send for your homeschooling packet (under the “requirements section”).

North CaroliniansNorth Carolinians for Home Education for Home Education (NCHE)
This is a great site for those wanting to learn more about homeschooling and for getting started in homeschooling in North Carolina.  You should definitely join this organization and attend their annual Homeschool Conference in May.

HHome School Legal Defense Associationome School Legal Defense Association
This is another good organization to join.  They will provide legal assistance if your homeschool becomes jeopardized by state interference.

Spiceline Yahoo Group
The number one place to get support from your fellow homeschoolers and to find out what is going on where!  Spice-line is a fully moderated, Christian-based loop which provides information and encouragement to homeschooling families in the greater Triangle area. To subscribe send an email to: